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Do you love my new font? No need to view the page source because I am very much willing to share the font name to you 🙂 This font is GFS (Greek Font Society) Neohellenic. This font is free courtesy of Google Web Fonts. If you want to use this font just head to Google Web Fonts and search GFS Neohellenic or to simplify the process, just click this link. The instruction on how to use this font in your site is in the same page and the steps are very easy, I assure you.

Aside from GFS Neohellenic, there are other chic and beautiful fonts which you can use for free from Google Web Fonts. This is the reason why I am starting to fall in love with Google Web Fonts. Go check out the site before buying a commercial font for your beloved site. You might find a font there that suits your tastes.

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