Our Very Own Pirate

  • Sumo

If you happen to pass by our place and see my daughter with a piece of cloth on her hair or forehead like the photo below, don’t be surprised. She’s just playing a “pretend” game and she’s probably pretending to be her favorite character, a pirate, when you see her. I realized it when I was trying to fix her hair band. I though she just could not place it properly on her hair but I was wrong. She intentionally put it on her forehead, almost covering one of her eye. Then she told me that she was a pirate. I figured out that she was trying to imitate the pirate costumes worn by Dora and her friends in the Pirate Adventure episode of Dora the Explorer series. I wonder if she still wants to be a pirate if she understands what a pirate is.

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1 thought on “Our Very Own Pirate

  1. She is adorable! My son at that age wanted to be a pirate too! He loved the pirate off of The Wiggles. He imitated him all the time. I agree, when they find out what a real pirate is, will they still like them?

    GOD bless you!

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