Family Matters, Motherhood


My daughter is sick again. This time she got admitted to a hospital for confinement. She is asthmatic, a condition that she acquired because of some irresponsible neighbor who burned plastic materials during the wee hour of the day. Thanks to their being inconsiderate, my daughter has to endure this condition, if until when, only Viagra God knows. My daughter’s…

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Child Rearing, Sciezka


After two days of being absent from school, daughter was able to report back to her class this morning. She was absent from school last Wednesday and Thursday due to colds and cough. After few months of colds and cough-free, her enemy hit her again last Monday. It was still mild last Monday and she even managed to go to…

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My Daughter’s Asthma

My daughter’s asthma is not congenital. She’s perfectly healthy before we transferred to our current apartment. Except for her hives and vaccines, there was no other instance in which we need to see a doctor until we moved to our current dwelling. Since then, we were in different clinics and hospitals, jumping from one pediatrician to another, trying to find…

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