My Daughter’s Asthma

  • Sumo

My daughter’s asthma is not congenital. She’s perfectly healthy before we transferred to our current apartment. Except for her hives and vaccines, there was no other instance in which we need to see a doctor until we moved to our current dwelling. Since then, we were in different clinics and hospitals, jumping from one pediatrician to another, trying to find a permanent solution for my daughter’s asthma. We also bought an air-conditioning unit which serves as dehumidifier. Many people, even the doctors suggested it. According to them, it would somehow lessen the chance of asthma attack because there were a/c units now that filters the air from dust and other small particles which triggers asthma. Thus, less chance for my daughter to inhale them.

When my daughter reached two years of age, her asthma started to mellow down. But when her asthma attacks, sleepless nights are inevitable. It is not only physically tiring but emotionally draining too. It is very hard for a mom like me to see my daughter suffering and I can’t do anything to ease her condition except to carry her on my arms and comfort her through hugs and words. I feel so helpless which always reminds me of my dependable God. My daughter’s condition is my constant reminder of my limitations and God’s faithfulness to us.

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