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Daughter Is Still Sick

  • Sumo

My daughter is still sick ๐Ÿ™ Her cough is so dry and her fever is on and off. She’s been absent from school since Monday and I doubt if she can already make it tomorrow. Her cough makes her breathing difficult. We nebulize her every now and then to ease her breathing. I suspect that her asthma is also attacking her which aggravates her cough. Her cough interrupts her afternoon nap and sleep at night. Her sleep deprivation is now transparent on her eyes. She still plays when she feels a little better but she’s quite irritable. Even her harsh voice tells that she’s not in good shape.

I pitied my daughter whenever she’s in condition like this. I even thought that her cough will just be a mild one and her body can handle it well already because of her age. But I was wrong. She can still be defeated by cough and asthma. Anyway, she’s still young. My husband and I are still praying that God will allow her to get out from this asthma as she grows old and our God is a God who answers prayers.


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