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After two days of being absent from school, daughter was able to report back to her class this morning. She was absent from school last Wednesday and Thursday due to colds and cough.

After few months of colds and cough-free, her enemy hit her again last Monday. It was still mild last Monday and she even managed to go to school last Tuesday and took her PACE test (without our knowledge). But when she got home, I noticed that she seemed so weak. She immediately lay down on the bed after she took off her shoes. She didn’t eat her snack and I learned from her teacher that she was not in the mood to work and just wanted to sleep in her office. She breathed fast and she coughed continuously (a sign that she is having asthma). She still has no fever but her body temperature was a bit higher than the usual. To ease her breathing, I nebulized her. Immediately after, she fell asleep.

She was down the whole Tuesday. She complained that she felt dizzy and wanted to throw up. I convinced her to eat even a little so she could take her medicine.  Then she went back to bed after I administered her cough medicine. When she tried to stand up to play with the baby on the compound, she only made few steps and returned immediately to bed. She threw up few minutes after. But after she threw up, she looked better. She already ate dinner with us. Since that night, she seemed to get better. But just to make sure that her cough would not get worse, we just asked her to stay at home for two days.

For me, this is a great improvement. Although she could not still go on like normal days when she has cough, but at least, it does not last long. But I am still praying that time will come that a simple cough could not bring her down, that her body could finally overcome her asthma.

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