Malunggay – Good For Breastfeeding Mothers

Malunggay is good for breastfeeding mothers. It helps the mother’s body to produce more milk.  I have proven this. When I feel my milk is running out, I’ll just cook a dish with Malunggay or will simply prepare a Malunggay soup. Malunggay soup is just boiled water with Malunggay with ginger and chicken cube :). After a meal with Malunggay,…

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Benefits of Breastfeeding

Breast milk is not only good for babies but for mommies too, this is what my daughter’s pediatrician told me and my husband when she thought that I need further persuasion to breastfeed my daughter. Although I agree with her statement, she does not need to convince me further because I am decided to exclusively breastfeed my daughter. In case…

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Anything Under The Sun

Bunk Bed

I was browsing in Amazon for a baby bag when I saw this bed. I think this is ideal for the twins to save space, but I’m afraid the one who will sleep on top might fall. I wonder if kids who sleep on top of the bunk bed didn’t fall at all? Are these type of beds sturdy and…

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