Malunggay – Good For Breastfeeding Mothers

  • Sumo

Malunggay is good for breastfeeding mothers. It helps the mother’s body to produce more milk.  I have proven this. When I feel my milk is running out, I’ll just cook a dish with Malunggay or will simply prepare a Malunggay soup. Malunggay soup is just boiled water with Malunggay with ginger and chicken cube :). After a meal with Malunggay, I can feel that my breasts are full with milk again.

Unfortunately, Malunggay is not being sold in the market here in Panglao. It is only being asked from those who has Malunggay plant in their yard. So whenever we need Malunggay, we have to ask from church members or from neighbors who have a plant of it.

Hubby planted some stems of Malunggay few days ago. So we don’t need to ask from other people all the time 🙂

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