Benefits of Breastfeeding

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Breast milk is not only good for babies but for mommies too, this is what my daughter’s pediatrician told me and my husband when she thought that I need further persuasion to breastfeed my daughter. Although I agree with her statement, she does not need to convince me further because I am decided to exclusively breastfeed my daughter.

In case you’re a mom or planning to be a mom and you don’t realize yet the benefits of breastfeeding, let me help you realize it by enumerating some of the practical benefits I enjoyed as I breastfeed my 8th week daughter.

  • Less tasks. No bottles to clean and sterilize.
  • Less added expense to our budget. I don’t need to buy formula milk which is very expensive. And if you notice, the most expensive milk is the milk for new born to six months old babies. There is also no need to buy bottles, artificial nipples, bottle cleansers, bottle brushes etc.
  • Fewer things to bring when going out. No need to bring bottles, milk, distilled water and other things needed in milk preparation because the source of milk is already attached to my body and that is breasts, LOL 🙂
  • No need to get up during night. Because the breast milk is always and readily available. I’ll just pull my shirt up and give her my breast, and presto, she has her milk. There is no need to get up during night to prepare for milk. There is also no chance to miss the correct number of spoons for the milk.
  • Natural Family Planning. No need to worry of getting pregnant while exclusively breastfeeding the child.
  • Weight Management. Breastfeeding is good means of losing weight if continued beyond one year. This is the best all natural diet pills that work without expense, effort and side effect.

Are you now convinced that breastfeeding is not only beneficial to babies but also to mommies?

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1 thought on “Benefits of Breastfeeding

  1. Dear Mylene,
    Thanks, on a related note, One of the best ways to build a strong and loving bond with your newborn baby is to make the decision to breastfeed. Breastfeeding your new baby gives both you and your baby an extra sense of security and comfort that cannot be achieved through bottle feeding. Not to mention all the medical benefits breastfeeding promotes.
    I’ll be back to read more next time

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