Food Lover

Who is not fond of eating? Obviously not me. Just look on my size, LOL. I love trying on different dishes from as light as veggie salad to as heavy as New York Strip dinner. I am into see food diet. No, I didn’t make a typographical error there. It’s really a called a see food diet because I eat…

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Only In The Philippines


At first glance, I thought it was really a baby Lechon (roasted pig). I even pitied the pig for I thought it was so young to be roasted. But looking closer, I realized that it was just a bread. Were you also deceived? Then cheers!


Food Trip Friday: Ginataang Mais

Part of the ministry of our current church is to feed the kids who attend the Sunday School. And it is my responsibility prepare the food for them. Last Sunday, I cooked Ginataang Mais (corn in coconut milk) for the children. I haven’t tried cooking this yet until last Sunday.  It seemed that it was not yet perfect because I…

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Food Blog

Cooking is not my passion although most of the time, I am still the one who cook at home. I just cook because I need to. Hubby volunteers to cook sometimes especially if he knows that I am beating some deadlines. Since we moved here in Panglao, I seldom have the chance to cook the usual dishes I prepare in…

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Missing Tikoy

The celebration of Chinese New Year starts today. I just knew it through the evening news. So instead of Photo Christmas Cards, Tikoy is the popular gift item today. If I am still in Manila, for sure, I can have some taste of Tikoy. I remember that during this time, a friend who teaches in a Chinese school usually takes…

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