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  • Sumo

At first glance, I thought it was really a baby Lechon (roasted pig). I even pitied the pig for I thought it was so young to be roasted. But looking closer, I realized that it was just a bread.

Were you also deceived? Then cheers!


2 thoughts on “Lechon?

  1. That is so cool! We didn’t really have anything special for the Holidays since my parents are hyped with these new diet of theirs. But I remember my brother bringing home something similar to this, only it was not a roasted baby pig, they were in the shape of human body parts (life size). It was gruesome really but I guess they’d have to be so for the prank to be successful. They did ate it up pretty quickly but I didn’t dare to take a bite. They said it was delicious. Oh well holiday cheers to you and your family! Your Blog is lovely :))

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