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The Three Ways

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From the downtown {Tagbilaran} to our place {Poblacion Panglao} there are three possible roads to take. The third road is the nearest to our place. This is the usual path we take because this is the shortest pathway. The only disadvantage of this road is the narrowness of the road. But the road is smooth and well-asphalted.

The second road is the middle road. The road is wider than the first mentioned road because this is a national road. But there are parts of the road that are still rough and not yet cemented. When taking a public bus, this is the way being traverse. Since there are parts of the road that are still rough, anyone who takes this route will be surely facing powder of dust. By the way, there is no such thing as “air-conditioned” PUB/FX here.

The third and last road is the longest route. If we take this route, we looked like we traverse the entire edge of Panglao 🙂 This is the least road that we take.

The three roads or routes going out from Panglao are more than enough. An emergency road service is no longer necessary since there is not much vehicles traveling from here to the downtown. Aside from that, most of the travelers are in motorbikes. I just don’t know if the volume of vehicles will drastically increase when the proposed international airport is finally constructed. Probably by that time, additional roads will be constructed or the national road will be widened.

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