Too Low Dollar Rate

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I’ve been monitoring the dollar rate since July 1. I’ve been hoping to withdraw my not-so-big paypal funds. Unfortunately, the dollar rate is not cooperating. I have some regret that I didn’t withdraw the funds when the rate is still Php 43 per dollar. Now, the exchange rate does not even reach Php42, sigh! Hubby suggested that when rate reach 42, I should withdraw it immediately. But I didn’t obey his suggestion. Last July 13, the rate is Php 42.01 but I thought it would increase the next day so I waited. Unfortunately, the next day, the rate goes low to 41.77. Now, I am waiting again for the dollar rate to reach at least 42. But when, I don’t know 🙁

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1 thought on “Too Low Dollar Rate

  1. That’s sad kasi I just sent money to my family wahhhh.. Yup, dollar is collapsing these days..

    To answer your question sis, it’s the St. Paul and St. Joseph schools and churches that hosts the VBS here… Dyan sa area nyo, may VBS din?

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