Child Rearing

Daughter Was Admitted To The Hospital

It is always difficult to nurse a sick child. It is not only physically draining but emotionalky distressing too. And I find it more difficult because I have another baby to take care of.  But I guess no parent could escape from this phase. My eldest daughter was admitted this morning at Tagbilaran Maternity and Children Hospital (TMCH) due to…

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Christian Life

Unexpected Dwelling Place

I never expected that I will ever live in a province much more in an island. I was born and grew up in the city. I am used to the fact that almost every place is within my reach – malls, grocery stores, drugstores, fast food and resto, transportation, church – and many other places that I can easily visit…

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Only In The Philippines

The Three Ways

From the downtown {Tagbilaran} to our place {Poblacion Panglao} there are three possible roads to take. The third road is the nearest to our place. This is the usual path we take because this is the shortest pathway. The only disadvantage of this road is the narrowness of the road. But the road is smooth and well-asphalted. The second road…

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