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Daughter Was Admitted To The Hospital

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It is always difficult to nurse a sick child. It is not only physically draining but emotionalky distressing too. And I find it more difficult because I have another baby to take care of.  But I guess no parent could escape from this phase.

My eldest daughter was admitted this morning at Tagbilaran Maternity and Children Hospital (TMCH) due to dehydration caused by her fever and colds. If you remember, earlier this year, I also gave birth at the same hospital to my second child.  Husband and I brought our daughter to her pediatrician this morning because her fever returned yesterday afternoon and her cough has not stopped yet since last Tuesday. My daughter was supposed to be admitted at Ramiro Community Hospital where her pedia, Dr. Amelia Pondoc – Valdez, conducts her clinic. Unfortunately there was no vacant room and there were other two patients waiting for admission. When I told this to Dr. Valdez, she advised me to have my daughter admitted at TMCH.

When we get here this noon, there was no vacant private room so Husband had no choice but to settle for a semi-private room. We share the room with another patient but at least the room is air-conditioned.

My daughter was given an Intravenous (IV) to treat the dehydration.  Tempra Forte was also administered and skin test was conducted. After around an hour, her antibiotic was injected through the IV. I wonder why my daughter got dehydrated so fast while her fever just returned yesterday afternoon 🙁 But lesson learned, I should immediately administer anti-dehydration liquid such as aerosol or Hydrite when daughter started to have fever.  I used to give her Gatorade since the taste of anti-dehydration are awful for her. But since her fever just started I haven’t given her yet any. I do not expect that she’ll get dehydrated that fast.

Until now my daughter’s fever is still on and off. I supposed to go home and leave her with my Husband’s care this night. But my heart could not afford to leave her on her current condition. Though I trust my husband, I could not guarantee if he can give the care of a mother to our daughter. Mothers like me for sure would understand my predicament.

So what happen to my little baby? I left her with her Ate Bea, our church’s Young People who stayed with us since I gave birth. It would be more risky if I bring her here in the hospital. Since I left her this morning, she has no choice but to feed on formula. My breasts are aching terribly due to unexpressed milk. And I can feel so many stone-like bumps inside them. I volunteer to breastfeed the other babies here in the hospital but I think the idea is new to the staff. So they just told me pump it. I feel disappointed that they don’t know that breast milk can be given to other babies just like in some hospitals in Manila. Anyway I have no choice but to express my milk and just throw the milk because I don’t have any milk bag or bottle and there is no ref in our room. Awww 🙁

I’m praying that daughter get well very soon so we can already go home. I’m missing my another daughter.

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16 thoughts on “Daughter Was Admitted To The Hospital

    1. She was already discharged from the hospital yesterday, thanks be to God. Yes, she’s a lot better now than the previous days.
      Thank you.

  1. I hope and pray your daughter gets well very soon! I may not be a mom yet but I empathize with you. Stay strong, Sis. I’m sure everything will be fine. God bless!

  2. I hope your daughter will be fine soon. Lisod kaayo ma Mama noh? It’s the hardest job in the whole wide world but it’s also the best job ever. Be strong.

  3. I hope your darling daughter is better now! Continue expressing your milk, kasi it will dry up if you don’t (plus you can also get mastitis). Hirap (but super saya din) to be a mommy ano?

  4. I can so relate with you about how difficult and draining it is when our kids get sick. I hope there was some way to keep your breastmilk in a freezer pack then bring it to your newborn so no formula will be needed. Is the hospital far from your home?

  5. Oh this is always a nightmare for us parents, especially us moms. I always get paranoid when my son has (even) a slight fever. I can’t sleep at night and all I do is to monitor his temperature all night. I hope your daughter will feel better soon. Kailangan talaga lots of fluids intake and lots of love, hehe.

    Mommy Maye

  6. You’re right, that’s physically draining and emotionally distressing. I’m sure that’s really hard for you, your hubby, and your kids. I really hope she gets better soon.

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