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Transportation In Panglao

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The most common means of transportation here in Bohol is motorbike. Those who can afford buy their own but those who couldn’t, Habal-habal is almost everywhere. Habal-habal is a single motorbike used like a tricycle (in Manila) but the less the sidecar.

There are also buses going to the downtown (Tagbilaran) but the number of units are only few and most of these units only lack a dot of rust before they finally collapsed ^__^. I don’t think even a cheap auto insurance company will ever agree to insure these buses :D. I don’t know how these buses get their franchises from LTFRB considering their conditions. And because there are only few buses, the trips from and to Panglao are also few. Hence, even the buses’ roofs are loaded with passengers. So if you are a thrill-seeker you might want to try that one when you visit Panglao ๐Ÿ˜€

Sometimes I see a couple of cabs but I learned that the fare is twice when the destination is outside Tagbilaran.

Good and real cars here in Panglao are mostly owned by resorts and hotels. Some are owned by those who has a foreigner spouse. The remaining few are owned by the rich and famous of Panglao.


4 thoughts on “Transportation In Panglao

  1. I had a fun time reading your bohol posts. I feel like I can relate coz we went there last Jan for a vacation. We loved it so much we want to settle there. haha! Nagulat nga ako wala palang masyadong tricycle at jeep jan and I saw students walking home dahil walang masakyan. Good thing you have a service kahit motor lang okay na.

    1. Hindi pa ako nakakapaghabal-habal mommy. YUng church kasi merong pinapagamit na motor sa asawa ko so yun madalas ang service nmin. Grabe minsan nag-Tagbilaran kami na motor lang, parang ang tigas na nag mukha ko paguwi sa lamig ๐Ÿ˜€

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