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Mandatory Drug Test

  • Sumo

My three other officemates and I went to Pasig City Hall this morning to undergo a mandatory drug test as per Pasig City Ordinance. Too unfortunate because we were not able to meet the cut-off for the distribution of forms. We learned that the forms were distributed from 8 AM to 9AM only but we arrived pass 9 AM. We returned to our office weary and disappointed.

Before we left the 5th floor of Pasig City Hall (this is where the drug test is conducted), we inquired if it possible that only one person can get the forms for all of the other employees. The answer is NO. The lady on the window (who was still kind that time) suggested that we request for reservation. She directed us to look for a certain person inside the drug test room. Two of my officemates went inside to inquire. The first person told them that only with a minimum of ten employees can place a reservation. My officemates were pointed to another person to confirm. The second personnel told my officemates that only with a minimum of twenty employees can place a reservation. Both answers disqualify us from placing a reservation. We were left with two options. First is to return the next day but earlier. We should be there before 8 AM. Second, let our drug test be done in a private clinic or laboratories. The second is more costly but more practical. I don’t think it is practical and wise to waste our time in a long line just to save few hundreds. The unproductive waiting time will be more costly for the company.

This kind of event makes me feel so disappointed. I am not supposed to report to our office today but because of this mandatory drug test, I have to travel from QC to Ortigas then to Pasig. My officemates and I wasted two hours traveling from our office to Pasig City hall and going back. Add to that is the heat of the sun which caused my head to ache. Now, I feel so tired yet I haven’t accomplished anything.

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2 thoughts on “Mandatory Drug Test

  1. Wow! meron na pala nito. I think this is a great program pero sana they made the form distribution span a bit longer kahit 2 hours sana.

    It’s just another way of testing your patience. God bless.

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