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The Water Supply Shortage Is Getting Worse

  • Sumo

The problem of water supply in our area has started since summer and it is getting worse. Before, we can expect that by evening, there is already a water coming out from the faucets, how weak it may be. Recently, there were days that we had no water supply.  And if we have the supply, it will only last for two hours and the it is too weak to fill our water drum.

Last Saturday, we tried to buy a drinking water from nearby water station. But all of the nearby water stores have no more water to sell. Hubby was able to buy from the next baranggay.

It was only last Sunday night that we had an ample supply of water. I was able to clean the house and do our week’s laundry. We were able to fill the water drum which we still use until today. We had no water yesterday, not single drop of water came out of our faucets. I hope that before the water from our drum runs dry, it rains in Norzagaray, particularly in Angat Dam area, to increase the water level of the dam.

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