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Let’s Save The Sea! Let’s Play EnviroPop

Ever heard of EnviroPop? EnviroPop is an educational and entertaining time-pressured puzzle game. It is an iOS game application which allows its users to virtually rescue the endangered sea creatures here in the Philippines from a host of treacherous sea hazards such as oil, cyanide, dynamite, PET bottle and trawl net. This application spreads awareness on how to minimize threats…

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Biodegradable Packaging

Husband and I had a quick visit to the downtown this morning to have our little girl’s cough checked by her doctor. After the check-up, we passed by the mall where there is a drugstore to buy the prescribed medicine. The drugstore is just in front of the grocery store. I noticed that there are newly delivered packaging supplies in…

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Climate Change

Did you notice that it was terribly warm for the last few days? Many people are aware of the term “Global Warming” but I am thinking how many of these people are taking it seriously. Recently, my husband and I were able to watch a part of a tv show discussing about the Climate Change. The show presented many undeniable…

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