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Cooking is not my passion although most of the time, I am still the one who cook at home. I just cook because I need to. Hubby volunteers to cook sometimes especially if he knows that I am beating some deadlines.

Since we moved here in Panglao, I seldom have the chance to cook the usual dishes I prepare in Manila. Aside from the price, the ingredients here are very limited.  Only fish and limited veggies can be bought from the local market. Most of the time, we just settled for fried fish 😀 or paksiw (fished cooked in vinegar, onion, garlic and ginger).

When we were in Manila I dreamed to have nice cookware and presentable plates. Probably not as superb as le creuset cookware but cookware that is not embarrassing to share in case I need to take their pictures and share in a blog. I was planning to put up a food blog then. But now, a food blog is not appropriate in our current situation. I have nothing to share but fried fish 😀 and I’ll have no time to promote it for now.

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  1. cooking is NOT my passion too sis, i also cook because no other person will. magugutom kami lahat =D

    hoping you can follow and link up if you haven’t yet =)
    online journal
    my soltero baby

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