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I feel sad when I didn’t get a reply from Andrew of Driven Network. Unlike other mommies who also shared the joy of Ms. Kaye for getting a good deal from Andrew, I didn’t. I think my blog didn’t pass the requirement. My Alexa rank is low though this site maintains its PR2. On the other hand, I am also happy because my officemate to whom I also shared the email address got a reply and get a good deal too. I am also happy to know that Yami also get the approval of the adviser. These two moms are both in need of financial assistance for hospital bills. Yami for her kids while Dothy – my officemate- will have a CS tomorrow to deliver her twin babies :). I am happy that this kind of opportunity comes just in time.

It is my fault why my Alexa increase (making my Alexa rank lower) again. I neglect my blogs because of my current project. I have no more time updating it except when there are opportunities I need to post and I also neglect blog hopping.  As expected, its ranking is not maintained.

I could not promise that I will do better on the coming days since my project is not yet complete. The project is still on its second of a five phases. So I”ll still spend more time to coding and the implementation on the coming days.  Probably next time, I’ll also get a good deal from a direct advertiser 🙂


2 thoughts on “Neglected

  1. hi mommy mylene. ako, i just sent him an email today. i don’t know din kung papasa ako sa panlasa nya. kasi meron ding PR0 na natanggap. so im hoping na sana… hehehe… ang di ko maintindihan, nagba-bloghop ako pero yung alexa rank ko naman e bumababa. unlike nung isang linggo, mga 3 days akong di online, tumaas ang rank ko, ngayon online na ako, bumaba uli… nakakalito.. anyways, if di man matanggap, ok lang… meron pa namang sigurong iba… God bless sa mga endeavors natin!

    1. Sis, kapag mataas ung value nung alexa rank, ibig sabihin mababa ung Alexa rank mo, pag mababa ung value nung alexa mo, mataas ung ranking mo. Ung pinakamataas na rank sa Alexa is 1 . Nalilito din ako dito eh 😀

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