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The Berean Quartet

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The Baptist Boholanos were privileged to witness The Berean Quartet‘s performance last night and heard the “magic” Message of salvation and encourage from Pastor Nemuel Lesada of The Philippine Singing Men. Berean Quartet’s performance was totally different from the usual concert. The way they sang the songs gave emphasis on the message and not on the rhythm nor on the accompaniment. They also quoted verses related to the song. It was indeed a blessing to hear songs which were not tainted with the current music trend. It was a night of pure Gospel music.
The Berean Queartet

The concert was held at Cogon Baranggay Hall in Tagbilaran Bohol and was attended by fellow Baptists from different parts of Bohol. I didn’t go there alone. We were 18 from our church. I was amazed to know that the host pastor was a foreigner yet he could already speak in local dialect while me who came from the same country could not speak the local dialect yet.
Pastor Lesada and Hubby

It was my first time to attend a Christian concert and it was great! The place was just a covered court and the sound system was not good but it was not a hindrance to hear clean and good music. Most importantly, there was one soul accepted Christ as her personal Lord and Saviour. The angels in heaven surely rejoiced for that single soul. Many Christians were challenged to pray for a more colorful life for the glory of Lord Jesus Christ. I’m definite that our companions from our church who attended the concert are also blessed.

It was also a rare opportunity to have a copy of their albums in discounted prices. Each album only cost Php 150 from the original price of $20 each. But if you buy the three albums, the price only cost Php 400 so hubby bought the three albums. He also requested them to sign the cds and to have a photo with them 😀

We were able to leave the place a bit late already. The concert ended at 9:00 p.m. but we took the opportunity to fellowship with other Christians. We were able to leave the place at around 10:00 pm.

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