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Motorcycle Rider Gears

If you are planning to buy a motorcycle, please remember that aside from the cost of the motorcycle there are also other expenses that might incur like the cost of motorcycle rider gears. The range of the cost will highly depend on the rider’s preference. After hubby bought his Suzuki Raider R150, he also bought an additional helmet for me.…

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Vehicle Parts

When I was still single and still live with my parents, I often watched and observed my father whenever he fixed the jeepney he drove. There were even times that I was sent to buy the parts he needed. So I was familiar with some of the parts I frequently heard from him like break lining, injection pump, transmission, piston…

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All About Hubby

A BIG NO For Motorcycle

My husband always fancied to have his own motorcycle. He really wants to buy his own but I always discourage him. Despite the fact that this kind of vehicle can easily be availed from different dealers, I still opt not to have one. The reason why is because this kind of vehicle is more prone to accident especially in our…

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