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Motorcycle Rider Gears

  • Sumo

If you are planning to buy a motorcycle, please remember that aside from the cost of the motorcycle there are also other expenses that might incur like the cost of motorcycle rider gears. The range of the cost will highly depend on the rider’s preference.

After hubby bought his Suzuki Raider R150, he also bought an additional helmet for me. There was a free helmet but only one. An additional helmet is a need when I travel with him. After a week, he bought a motorcycle gloves which I think he only used once or twice. This one is not a must and just an added accessory. Good thing the motorcycle gloves he bought was not the type of alpinestars gloves which is quite expensive. Otherwise, his money is sleeping in the closet.

I don’t know if Hubby has a plan to buy other gears but I hope he will think several time first before he does. Because he might be just putting his money for decorations 😀

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4 thoughts on “Motorcycle Rider Gears

  1. hubby is planning to buy a new Suzuki Raider R150 this year in lieu of the one we are using. We don’t have to buy new helmet, we are using the oldies. Motorcycles are convenient and less oil consumption.

  2. honestly, I always ride in my boyfriend’s motorcycle but without gears on! We just need to invest on a helmet. Just recently, I got a burn from it’s exhaust! I’m just wearing shorts then. So painful!!! :'( Now my problem is how to remove the ugly mark on my flawless leg.. T____T

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