Philips Avent Event At Island City Mall Bohol

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Did I tell that I was planning to attend the Philips Avent event last Saturday at Island City Mall? I was so glad that I was able to attend the seminar.

The event was well-attended. I noticed that aside from the prepared chairs, additional chairs were added while the seminar was on going. I was also surprised that there were guys (I assumed they were daddies) who attended the seminar. Hubby had no class that day, so he was also able to accompany me all throughout the event.

The event was not that BIG but very informative. There were two speakers, both were experts on their fields. The first speaker was Dr. Arecille Joy Bullecer, an OB-Gyne. She is currently a junior consultant in the provincial hospital while  doing private practice.  She has a clinic at Tagbilaran Community Hospital. She talked about prenatal. I was refresh of the thins I learned during my pregnancies.

The second speaker was Dr. Edgardo Epe, a pediatrician. He has a specialization in Neurology. He has a clinic at Ramiro Community Hospital. He talked about breastfeeding. His part was longer than the Dr. Bullecer but he managed to make more interesting. I learned few new things from him about breastfeeding.

The next part was a short video about breastfeeding. Philips Avent breastfeeding products was also presented. I could not help not to be amazed of Philips Avent breastfeeding line up. They are very innovative and the designs are obviously thoroughly planned and meticulously created . Unfortunately, I was not the one who won the manual breast pump. But I was so thankful of the giveaway I received plus the prize I won when I was able to answer the first question which was a Sunnex Vacuum flask 🙂

I had to leave when the event was almost over because the li’l one had started to be fuzzy. I hope this will not be the last event which will be held here in Bohol and not also the last event that I will be able to attend to.

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13 thoughts on “Philips Avent Event At Island City Mall Bohol

  1. The event sounds fun! Hope Avent will hold something like that in our area. My little miss is an avid Avent-user. I adore their products esp their new bottles and the spill-proof toddler drinking cups!

    Btw, I’ve added your link already. There seems to be an issue with the html tag posted in commex, kaya di gumana. But, all’s fix now!

    Have a great day sis!

  2. Glad to hear that they are promoting products that would help mothers breastfeed. More happy also to know that there are events like this now all over the country to help educate mothers and everyone else 🙂

  3. What a small small world. Dr. Edgardo Epe is my uncle. And my patient (braces).

    I love Avent. Honestly I never had any problems with Sophia having colic and I have to thank Avent for that 🙂

    1. Small world indeed 🙂 I also met Pastor Epe (brother of Dr. Ed Epe) in a Bible conference last year. Siya ung nag refer sa akin kay Dr. Epe dahil that time napansin nya hingal huminga ung panganay ko. Sabi nya ipacheck up ko daw kay Dr. Epe. Siya ung unang pedia ng anak ko dito sa Bohol. Pero mukhang super busy sya at dahil specialist sya, napansin ko na ung mga nagpapacheck-up sa kanya ay mga special cases talaga. So next time na nagpunta kami for immunization at medyo matagal na kaming naghihintay wala pa sya, chineck ko ung kabilang clinic yung may pedia na. Nung meron na dun na lang kami nagpabakuna. Iniisip ko mas maraming ibang nangangailangan ng expertise ni Dr. Epe samantalang kami ay painjection lang. When I met him last Saturday, hindi na nya ako maalala. Well, understandable kasi once or twice lang ata kami nagkita 🙂

  4. When I was nursing my now-seven year old, I must have bought a ton of avent products. I was a working mom and the avent electric pump was not yet available, so I had 3 manual breastpump kits, avent bottles, avent bottlewarmer, avent sterilizer. They work.

  5. Congratulations for the prize sis! Good for you for attending such event. I hope we have that too in here. =) visiting from Commex Oct 16

  6. i think its great that Avent is also organizing events outside Metro Manila. I have been using their product and have been very happy about it. And I agree. the talks are very informative. 🙂

  7. great that you have events like that even in Bohol. Mahina ang events here in our place. I would love to attend if there’s any. Congrats on your prize. btw, what was it? 🙂

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