Could Not Be Granted Loyalty Award For Globe Broadband

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I’ve been a Globe broadband subscriber for more than a year now. Recently I received a call from Globe loyalty team agent informing me that I am qualified for the loyalty award. I was given three options; 1) 1Mbps bundled with land line for Php 1099; 2) 2Mbps bundled with land line for Php 1299 plus free WI-FI router; 3) The insomniac speed boost in which the additional payment would depend on the time I would choose. I told the agent that I would ask first my Husband about it.

After Hubby and I discussed it, we decided to avail the second option, the 2Mbps bundled with land line for Php 1299 plus free WIFI router. So I called the Globe hotline to request for an update of my plan. Unfortunately, according to them, our location is currently unserviceable. This means that though I’m qualified of the loyalty award, they could not process the update because there is no slot available. This further means that I could not claim my loyalty award. According to them I can call again after six months to check if our area has already the facility :D. Nice!

I feel disappointed because in the first place they were the ones which offered the options then when I avail it, they could not grant it to me. Clap! Clap! Clap! Then I would be the one to call them to know if the location is serviceable already. Very customer-friendly, right? Well, I’m being sarcastic there :D. The holding period starts when the update has been done. What happens to the time I waited for the service? I wish they just didn’t inform me about the loyalty award.

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17 thoughts on “Could Not Be Granted Loyalty Award For Globe Broadband

  1. I’m also a Globe broadband user about a year. Glad to know they have awards like this.

  2. You’d think that some people are just playing jokes on you right? They should have checked everything before telling you these things. It is truly disappointing and kind of unprofessional. Is that even a way to treat loyal subscribers? Hayyyy

  3. you know Miss Mylene, we’re using globe for 4 years now and even a call from their Loyalty team , we didn’t get any. I was even shocked that Smart offers free cellphone or tablet to those who will sign with them for two yrs. They’re not making their customers like them. Tsk.. 🙁

  4. i am loyal to globe also. I got two lines but I think I would cut my one line because my company provided a sun cell.

    Anyway, if you compare Globe to other networks, I would still choose it.

    1. My husband is convincing me to drop my plan with Globe 😀 Hindi kasi substantial ang kanilang loyalty award. Unlike sun, everytime you renew the contract, new phone agad, at hindi pipitsuging phone ha 😀

  5. Is Globe better than Smart Bro? My gulay, our Smart Bro Wimax is super bagal and the customer service rep alwyas say that tehy will fix it and someone from the contractor will go to check but up to now wala. Napagod na si husband kakatawag hehe. Sayng lang ang 999 a month tapos gabi na nga lang nagagamit e hindi pa okay ang connection.

    1. Intermittent din po ang Globe, lalo na recently. Walang kasing Smart dito kaya Globe lang ang choice ko 😀 At minsan lang ako nagkaron ng kausap na tipong marunong talaga sa technical sa mga customer reps ng Globe.

  6. Oh how disappointing! What I notice really about ISPs or Telcos is that they give more rewards to new subscribers instead of old ones. They should also take care of their existing customers right? Hope you get your reward soon.

  7. oh, sorry to hear that i can feel the frustration…
    in our part we are so pleased because we avail the #2, we have a computer shop for 7 yrs and we are utilizing the services of PLDT and Globe

    1. Gusto ko nga rin sana 2, d lang namin afford. Yung #2 rin gusto sana namin, yung 2Mbps plus landline kaso unserviceable yung area daw 😀

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