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A BIG NO For Motorcycle

  • Sumo

My husband always fancied to have his own motorcycle. He really wants to buy his own but I always discourage him. Despite the fact that this kind of vehicle can easily be availed from different dealers, I still opt not to have one. The reason why is because this kind of vehicle is more prone to accident especially in our country where there is no special lane for motorcycle riders. The motorcycle related accidents I’ve watched in the news were more than enough for me to be convinced that this vehicle is the least safe to ride on especially on the national and busy roads. Most of the motorcycle accidents I’ve seen in TV left the rider disabled and worst, dead. Whenever I see the victim, my pity extends to their love ones who might be depending on them for financial support since majority of the casualties were men. They were already considered fortunate if they have a disability insurance which would cover their expenses and would support them financially. But if they don’t have, then they are really in BIG trouble, including their love ones. And I don’t want my husband nor my family to be like them. Good thing, until now, I can still persuade my husband.

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