I’m Passive

  • Sumo

If you notice, I’m very passive with my blogging activities since last week! My full-time job, the unending household chores and the super ultra active little one in the house always leave me like a dried-mucus (lantang kulangot) every day! They are like leeches sucking all the strength in me and I am almost breathless when they left me! Complaining? Not really. I forgot to tell you that I love being beaten, so I enjoy the way they abuse me.

Seriously speaking, most of my working hours are devoted to my full-time job. I need to because my current project entails so much brain. I need to think, think and think! Unfortunately, it is difficult, almost impossible to change gear from primary to the fifth gear. Meaning, my previous project was almost a no-brainy project. When my husband see me deeply thinking in front of my computer (sometimes, talking to myself loud), he usually teased me. He would tell me that isn’t this is the project I want, a project that utilizes my brain as an application developer. Well, his words are true. But it was just hard to find a momentum after a bit long duration of doing a content management project.

So please bear with me if you don’t see much of me nowadays. I am online everyday, but just can’t attend to my blogging duties.

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