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Hubby Needs to Shed Some Pounds Too

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Earlier this day, I was able to read a mom’s post about a new way of slimming down. She shared a video of the four exercises which were needed to be done to achieve the fitness desired. I got interested with the set of exercises because it only entails four minutes of my time.

I shared the exercises with my husband hoping that he would be interested too. My husband’s weight is getting alarming so I want him to have a regular exercise that will burn those fats sleeping under his skin. I am not dreaming of a husband with a muscled-body. Instead, I only want him to have a healthy body. And being WIDE and HEAVY for a not-so tall guy is not a good sign of a healthy body. He really needs to shed some pounds, just like me. Ouch! So I always remind him to watch his diet and convince him to do some physical activities like playing badminton if he does not want to exercise but not to the extent of taking natadrol. Testosterone supplement is not applicable to him for the time being.

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