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Hubby’s Birthday

  • Sumo

Hubby’s birthday is almost here. We will be on his home province during his birthday. We don’t usually celebrate our birthdays, I just don’t know this time since we will be with his family. My MIL might cook for his precious son :D. I usually ask him what he wants on his birthday and when he started enumerating expensive things like PS3 I would calmly utter, “I don’t have the budget” to tease him because I know that he is just also teasing me. I just want to get even! ^__^

Hubby knows our financial status so he doesn’t actually ask for anything. But as a good wife like me (he doesn’t know that :D), I usually set aside some budget for him, either to treat our friends or for a simple gift. Between the two of us, he is more fortunate because his birthday is just few days after I receive my 13th month pay so are still rich! While my birthday falls during the time that we are already beggars so I have no more money to buy something for myself. But that’s life! It is more blessed to give than to receive, isn’t?


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