Akihiro Sato – The First Celebrity Sole Survivor

  • Sumo

Mr. Nice Guy Akihiro Sato won the the First Celebrity Sole Survivor title and the 3 Million pesos  tax-free cash prize with three votes. It was a close fight with the other two suvivors, Ervic Vijandre and Solenn Heusaff who both got two votes. The Manipulator Aubrey Miles became the 7th member of the jury after getting five votes after the re-vote.

I thought Ervic would be the one to take home the title and cash prize when Aubrey became the 7th member of the jury. Now, I wonder who between Ahron and Moi didn’t vote for Ervic.

Congratulations Mr. Sato!!! To the rest of the gang, like Ervic said, it is not meant for you. The best is reserved for you in the future.
Do you think Aki deserves to win? Did the juries made the right decision?

*The photo of Mr. Sato is from the official Facebook page of Survivor Philippines.

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