Cashier Lanes Long Lines

  • Sumo

I had the chance to do a quick grocery last night before we went home. It was almost close time but the grocery store was still full of shoppers. The lines in the cashier lanes were still long and I also waited for several minutes for my turn. I noticed that the not all the items I bought can be read by the barcode scanner. Some items were needed to be manually encoded after several attempts to scan the item. This prolongs the process of paying the grocery bills.

In this season that almost everyone is doing or will be doing their holiday shopping, it will be a big help to the shoppers if the there will be no bottleneck in the cashier lanes. It will help the shoppers save their time and do more if they don’t have to wait in long line just to pay their items. Ensuring that adequate cashier lanes are open, efficient cashier equipment like barcode scanners, magnetic stripe/swipe reader and efficient connection will definitely minimize long cashier lanes.


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