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Coming Trips

  • Sumo

Few more days and I will see my husband again. He has been away for more than a month now. He is coming back to fetch me and my daughter. We will be leaving Manila for good next year. But before leaving for BOHOL, we will visit first his parents and relatives next week. He is probably excited because he has not seen his parents since 2006. I’m also excited because finally my in-laws will meet my daughter. This will also be my daughter first time to board on a plane.

I will be busy packing up for my things and my daughter’s. Because of the problem I encountered with my husband’s flight last month, I’ve checked our e-ticket several times to make sure that the schedule I have in mind is the same schedule written in the e-ticket. I can’t afford to make another booking mistake.

Our trip next week will not be a vacation for me. I intend to work full-time during our stay in my husband’s province. I am saving my leaves because they will be converted to cash. I will just bring an internet plug-in so I can still work offsite. The change in environment will already be bonus for me.

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