Bits & Pieces

Holiday Shopping

Have you started shopping for the holiday season? Although I do not really spend much time shopping for gifts and new clothes for the coming Christmas season, I know that this is kind of tradition among Filipinos. I am just an exception to the rule ๐Ÿ˜€ Most shoppers are waiting for the big department stores to go on sale so…

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Shopping For Him

It has been a while since hubby and I go out to shop for his clothes. No wonder I hear him planning of buying new black pants. He has several black slacks but since his belly is growing very fast {LOL}, most of his pants no longer fit him. When we shop for clothes, we mostly buy his clothes than…

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Anything Under The Sun, Womanhood

Great Deals At Buy.Com

December is the month of 13th month pays and bonuses in Philippines. Hence, this is also the time for shopping galore for most. Unfortunately, not all of the shoppers have the luxury of time to mall-hop to scout for best deals and that includes me. I don’t even have the time to visit a local photo print shop to have…

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Cashier Lanes Long Lines

I had the chance to do a quick grocery last night before we went home. It was almost close time but the grocery store was still full of shoppers. The lines in the cashier lanes were still long and I also waited for several minutes for my turn. I noticed that the not all the items I bought can be…

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