Shopping For Him

  • Sumo

It has been a while since hubby and I go out to shop for his clothes. No wonder I hear him planning of buying new black pants. He has several black slacks but since his belly is growing very fast {LOL}, most of his pants no longer fit him. When we shop for clothes, we mostly buy his clothes than mine. I usually dragged someone else when I buy my clothes because he is a lousy companion when it comes to buying woman’s clothes. For him every clothe is fine and all the colors of the clothes are the same {he is color blind}. I’ll just end up frustrated when he is with me when I buy my clothes. And usually because I’m too big now, I prefer custom-sewed than ready-made to fit perfectly. So instead of clothes, I buy fabrics.

So when we do shopping for clothes (which we do very seldom), it is either for my hubby or for my daughter. But what good about shopping for hubby is he is not particular about the brands even in casual attire. As long as the garment fits on him and he like the design, it does not matter if it is a blac label clothing or locally made clothing. But of course, he prefers buying less expensive clothes. And most of the time, he really waits for the sale before he buys new clothes.

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