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New School Uniforms

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My daughter has started going to school since June 6 but it was only this morning that she was able to wear her school uniform {I’ll just post the reason why on another write-up}.

Her new two-piece uniform is patterned after the colors of the Christian flag which are white, red and blue. During Mondays, the school requires a different inner garment from the rest of the school days. Instead of a short-sleeve blouse, the students should be in long-sleeves. They also have a red neck tie with the school name’s initial. The girls are required to be in knee-high socks to prevent insect bites particular mosquito’s bite.

Daughter has no neck-tie yet this morning.  But when she arrived from school, she was already wearing one and her school id. And when I checked her communication notebook {this is the notebook which the teacher and the parents used to communicate with each other}, written therein is the list of additional fees need to paid :D.  So tomorrow, she’ll be in complete uniform 🙂

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4 thoughts on “New School Uniforms

  1. hi mylene…my son is 2 yo and next school year will be going to school. i’m thorn between the traditional shcool and this school of tomorrow system. pls share your thoughts about this. thanks!!!

    1. What good about SOT’s curriculum is that it is standard (all over the world) and proven since it is being used for quite long already. The Bible is also incorporated in the lessons and PACES. The students are also trained to set up goals and meet them before the end of the day. The students also do they work individually and they advance in their own phase. They have their own offices. The kids are rewarded on their accomplishments. But of course, though the curriculum is good, you must also assess the capability of the teacher to execute the lessons.

      For traditional schools, you should check the objectives per grade level. Check the books they use and of course the teachers and staff.

      But 3 years old is too young to start schooling. I only enrolled my daughter at the age of 3 because she has some delay in speech. There is no other kid in our place who can be her playmate so I took the advice of other mommies to enroll her in preschool. So I enrolled her in our church’s preschool in BBC Project 8 which is a traditional school. And though, she was not able to finish the school year because we transferred here in Bohol, she was able to pass the exam for Reading Readiness in her current school and jump to Learn To Read stage. This means that the curriculum in her previous school is also good.

      I hope this helps.

    1. You are right Russ, the outer garment is a bit big for her 🙁 This is the reason why I am disappointed with the dressmaker. I’ll find ways to fix the outer garment.

      And btw, thank you for the frequent visit 🙂

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