Dissatisfied With My Daughter’s Uniform

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I shared yesterday that it was only yesterday my daughter started wearing her school uniform. The reason for this is because we had to look for a dressmaker who would tailor her uniform. The school neither sell ready-made uniforms for the students nor has an exclusive dressmaker who would sew the uniforms. The uniform is not so common hence I could not buy it from the department stores. I have no choice but to buy the fabric needed and looked for an available dressmaker. I was able to buy ready-made marine-collared blouse which is fitted to my daughter. So I only buy the fabric needed for the outer garment, long-sleeves and borders.

I’ve asked four different dressmakers to do my daughter’s uniform but the first three didn’t want to accept the job because they were already loaded with job orders. Only the last one agreed to do my daughter’s uniform more than three weeks ago.

I showed the dressmaker the sample uniform lent to me by the school. The dressmaker promised to finish the uniform by the end of June. But when I called her up last June 30, she requested for another day. I agreed. I called up again the next day before hubby and I picked up the uniform. She informed me that she forgot the sequence of the borders for the collars. So I called the school and asked about it {I returned the sample uniform after I showed it to the dressmaker} and called her again. She told me that I could get the uniforms last Friday, 2PM. But since my daughter took her usual nap and hubby went out to visit, we went to the dressmaker’s place after 5 PM. In other words, we’ve given the dressmaker ample time to finish the uniforms. But when we talked to the dressmaker, she was not yet done 🙁 She only finished the outer garments and the borders of one blouse. But she missed to add a pocket on the outer garments and the borders of the blouse has some crooked stitch. To make the story short, we were not able to take home the uniforms. The dressmaker promised that she would deliver the uniform the next day Saturday. But the whole Saturday had passed but no dressmaker knocked on our door.

Finally, I see the dressmaker’s face again on the afternoon of Sunday. She brought the uniforms. I already noticed that the borders of the blouses were not finely sewed but I just let it pass. I also noticed that the blouses have brown stains. I told her about it but she said it can easily be remove when washed. But when I washed them, the stains were not taken easily even with the use of Zonrox.

Daughter was taking her nap when the uniforms arrived so I was not able to fit them to her while the dressmaker was in our place. It was already evening of Sunday when my daughter fitted the uniform. To my dismay the outer garments are big to her. It seems that the dressmaker didn’t properly get her measurement.

I am thinking of returning the outer garments to dressmaker but I am also thinking that she might just add more damages if she tried to adjust them.  Her work is not satisfactory considering that her service charge is higher than the other dressmakers.



4 thoughts on “Dissatisfied With My Daughter’s Uniform

  1. Oh wow…how sad and frustrating at the same time. I wouldn’t know how I would handle that if I were in your shoes. I think I would be off-the-roof and into space with anger! (Cool Mia. You’re stressing yourself out again. Sigh!!!)

  2. That’s so sad..

    naalala ko tuloy and school days ko, ke bata bata ko, naiistress ako dahil sa mga uniforms na pinapagawa ko, lagi na lang di tumutupad sa usapan lol.


    1. @Bambie ♥, nakaka stress talaga girl, at nakakaawa ang bata kasi hindi sya comfortable.

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