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One Saturday Morning

  • Sumo

We finished our morning Good News class early last Saturday and the weather is so fine that we decided to visit a nearby shore to check the sea water level. To our surprise, it was high tide! {its been low tide during day time for quite sometime now}

I could see on my husband’s face the regret that he didn’t bring extra clothes, LOL!

He was so envious watching the kids taking a dive from a big rock.

While daughter could not contain her happiness climbing a very low branch of tree.

These are God’s little gifts! A very inexpensive way to unwind!

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5 thoughts on “One Saturday Morning

  1. wow ganda dyan sis!!! Nga pla start ko n contest ko anu n nga yung i sponsor mo? domain and hosting? ;D worth how much yun sis para lam ko kung san ko ilalagay na prize ;D TY mwah!

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