Hermie And The High Seas

Do you know Hermie? I first knew him last March, when the “I Am Special Because…” episode was played before my daughter’s graduation program had started. This to entertain the early birds while waiting for the others to arrive.  I  met him again when my daughter borrowed Hermie & Friends VCDs from her teacher earlier this school year.  I noticed my…

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Laptop Choices

Laptop and notebooks are one of the most-buy gifts nowadays. Good thing, this technology becomes more and more affordable. More brands are now available in the market hence more choices are given to buyers. Laptops are also getting more fashionable. The old plain blacks are considered dull and obsolete. Buyers are more likely to purchase colored laptops especially the girls.…

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ArtsCow, Personal

Disappointed with my 1st ArtsCow Project

My first order with has arrived. Actually, only a notification from Central Post Office was delivered to our place. I had to pick up the parcel from the Post Office. It’s an 8×8 hard cover photo book. I ordered it last June 80. I used the photos taken during my wedding two-years ago. Unfortunately, my expectation was not really…

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