Hermie And The High Seas

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Do you know Hermie? I first knew him last March, when the “I Am Special Because…” episode was played before my daughter’s graduation program had started. This to entertain the early birds while waiting for the others to arrive.  I  met him again when my daughter borrowed Hermie & Friends VCDs from her teacher earlier this school year.  I noticed my daughter enjoyed watching it.

If you don’t know Hermie yet, he is a caterpillar cartoon character  created by Max Lucado.  He is the main character in the Hermie & Friends series.  To give you an idea of his looks, I grabbed his photo from

Isn’t he’s cute? This is probably the reason why daughter enjoys watching his videos.

In our recent visit to  Philippine Christian Book Store I bought my daughter her first copy of Hermie’s video as a reward for her BIG stars in school.  The episode is entitled “Hermie and the High Sea.” I checked YouTube if a trailer of the episode is available and luckily there is.  So I’m sharing it here.

I recommend this movie for parents who have kids who enjoy watching cartoons.  Hermie and The High Sea is about having faith in God.  At first I thought the movie is based on Noah’s ark in which Noah was asked by God to build an ark. But the lesson of the movie is based on Jesus’ words from the mountain-side in Matthew 6 which is about relying on God to care for our every need, a lesson which every child should learn.

The DVD copy which cost Php 250 at PCBS contains bonus materials such as coloring pages, trivia game/quiz, read-along: “You Can Pray”, sing-along: Keeping the Faith and more.

Hermie and Friends series is distributed locally by HeartShaper. And btw, I received no compensation for featuring this product.

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  1. Oh, hi there, Hermie! At first I thought it was Hermes (and he was at sea, haha). But then he’s a tommynelson mainstay. I’m kindof subscribed to even though I don’t have my own kid–yet. 🙂

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