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Personal Microphone For Daughter

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My Daughter Jyma Sciezka, will render another special number tomorrow. She will sing “He Is So Precious To Me”.
She’s been practicing this song for a month (but not everyday) now and she already knew the lyrics by memory. I also practice her how to hold the microphone without touching her lips. I always remind her that it should not touch her lips because it is not clean and might cause her to get sick.

We only have one microphone in the church and it is used by different people. It is inevitable that it catches some of the saliva of the users. If I just have an extra budget, I want to buy her own wireless microphone. We can bring it  and she  can use it anywhere she would want to render a song offering so I don’t need to worry if the mic will touch her lips.

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38 thoughts on “Personal Microphone For Daughter

  1. Nice! wonderful talent and supportive mom! I think it is good to get her a good microphone so she can practice talent more. 🙂

  2. A shure microphone is expensive but it’s a really good brand. If your daughter really likes to sing, then saving some money for it is a good idea.

    1. Indeed, it is very expensive. A fellow suggested for a microphone cover so I will probably take that suggestion 🙂

  3. Health is always first.. It sure is a good idea to get her her own mic to be safe from germs and viruses, especially now that it’s the rainy season.

  4. even teachers now have personal mic to save their voices when giving lectures. this will be useful for your talented kid, too.

  5. This is a great idea! I’m sure everyone would freak out to know the amount of bacteria present in that microphone shared by the public. This way, your daughter can also use the microphone at home 🙂

  6. Yep buying your own mike is better. More hygienic..ugh..and they sometimes smell too 🙁

    If your child loves to sing, it will be a good investment. Buy her a cheap one at first so you know how often it gets abused. *lol* And to teach her how to properly take care of them. [even adults leave their things lying around]

  7. If I may ask, how old is your daughter? 🙂 I learned that Shure is quite expensive but it’s of very good quality. May the Lord bless your daughter and your family more as she uses her talent to glorify the Lord.:)

    1. My daughter is 5 years old. Yes, Shure is quite expensive but of a good quality. It is a dream to have that kind of mic for my daughter.

  8. The little girl is a singer pala. That’s nice! Very proud mama am sure. 🙂 A curious name also…what’s the story behind the name?

    1. Pride is a sin 🙂 Happy is more appropriate 🙂 Happy that God endows her a talent in singing. Happy that she uses it for the glory of her Maker.

  9. buying her a microphone would greatly benefit you aside from being sure that it will be germ free…i think having her own microphone will motivate her more to sing.

  10. Singing is such a beautiful talent to share! I’m happy you have a child leaning on singing! As they say, as a parent we should support their interests! Good job Mommy! Hope you get her that wireless mic soon! 🙂

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