Saturation Drive And Soul – Winning

  • Sumo

It was long-weekend last weekend due to holidays. Unlike the last two holidays in which we roam around, hubby decided to use the Monday for saturation drive and soul – winning. He took this opportunity to involve the young people of the church in soul winning effort.

Saturation Drive is the term used when Christians particularly Bible Baptist believers go out to saturate a place with Gospel. Gospel tracks are handed out to people in streets and in homes. This is also the time we aggressively look for opportunity to share the Good News – that God’s only Son Jesus Christ was born and made flesh, crucified, died and rose up after three days.  Soul – winning is the term used to describe the act of winning a man (soul) to Christ.

There were seventeen people who joined the Saturation and Soul-winning effort, 5 kids including my eldest daughter, 5 junior young people, 3 young people, and 4 adults.  Though I don’t have a paid holiday as a contractual employee, I joined the effort. And it was a very blessed day. I lost a day’s salary but was able to win one soul for Christ. I got to share to a young mother who decided to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Saviour. I was also able to give out Gospel tracks but not as many as the Gospel tracks given out by my daughter. She beat us all. She was so aggressive in the Gospel tracks distribution.

I prayed that the Gospel tracks we distributed would have some fruit as the Holy Spirit moved to the hearts of those who accepted and read them.

Do you have a personal relationship to our God?  Have you received Christ in your heart as your Lord and Savior?

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