Incomprehensible Vice

I wonder what is in cigar which makes it appealing to many people. There are still many people, even Filipinos, who are still patronizing tobacco products despite the government campaign that these are bad for the health. What are more incomprehensible for me are those who could not buy a decent meal for himself and for his family yet burn…

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Smoking Is Dangerous To One’s Health – A Public Reminder

I am not a smoker and I have no plan to become one. I know that smoking is dangerous to my health, just like the public reminder says. But despite the warnings given by the government, there are still many people choose to puff. They probably get some satisfaction in smoking. In other country, to discourage people from smoking, the…

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Inconsiderate Smoker

It was a bright sunny Monday morning, I was riding on a non-aircon bus going to MRT station. When the bus driver started smoking, the lady sitting behind him called his attention. The lady got furious because she could inhale the smoke coming from cigar. The lady told the driver that smoking in public places like mass transportation is prohibited.…

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