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Inconsiderate Smoker

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It was a bright sunny Monday morning, I was riding on a non-aircon bus going to MRT station. When the bus driver started smoking, the lady sitting behind him called his attention. The lady got furious because she could inhale the smoke coming from cigar. The lady told the driver that smoking in public places like mass transportation is prohibited. She was also got mad because the smell of the smoke stick to her clothes plus suffocating smell added to the irritable feeling caused by the hot weather. I am wondering now if the lady would have the same reaction if the driver was using cohiba, a luxurious cigar with aroma made from all the best Dominican cohiba tobaccos. But come to think of it, the bus driver could not definitely afford it, LOL!

Nevertheless, I agree with the lady, smokers should only smoke on appropriate places as consideration for those who do not smoke.


7 thoughts on “Inconsiderate Smoker

  1. hahaha, nice humor you got in this post, mylene ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t like smokers too. But when I was in high shool, we use to have this karaoke bar and customers just smoke like crazy. I got sick on and off at that time, but I’m glad it’s gone now.

  2. I definitely agree with the title “Inconsiderate Smoker!”. During my high school days I’ve tried it but I immediately hate it. I don’t get the same sensation others have even if they said it has a nice flavor into it like “mint” by Philip Morris.

    Okay, I hate smoking and I think I have the every reason why – I mean what’s to love about the smoke thing maybe if it is a smoked salmon I’d love it. There is also the 2nd hand smoker issue which is much more dangerous than to those smoking people.

    If you are a smoker reading this comment. “If you are unselfish, responsible and considerate person and wanted a smoke. Check if there are people around you, if there is – ask if it is okay with them and if there are a lot and you don’t want to go into trouble of asking all of them – JUST DON’T SMOKE!.”

    I’ll probably post something about smokers and it’s effect hehe! because of this post.

    1. I agree! The driver didn’t get mad when his attention was called. I think he knew that it was his fault ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. True! Pero I seldom encounter na masisita sila. Ang asawa ko naninita rin eh lalo na pagkasama si Ezka, pinapalayo ung naninigarilyo. Ako kasi mejo nahihiya kaya ako na lang ang umaalis.

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