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Company Outing 2010

  • Sumo

This year’s company outing was held last April 9 and 10. I persuaded my office mates to get this dates for our summer outing because the dates didn’t fall on a Sunday, hence, I can complete the two days. Unlike with our previous summer outings that either I followed or I went home ahead of them,  I was able to maximize this year’s company outing. I even went on leave last Thursday to go ahead of my office mates to prepare the place and do the marketing. We were allowed to bring guests but we have to shoulder their expenses so I brought my husband and my daughter with me, plus my SIL. Yes, it was like a family outing, LOL.  And since the place where we stayed was owned by my friend’s mom, my friend joined us as our guide and host. It was not only a hitting two birds in one stone but hitting three birds in one stone 😀

I grabbed this opportunity to bring my husband and daughter because I am not sure if we can still have time and budget to have our own outing. It wouldn’t also be that happy if we are only three. Since hubby and daughter is well-acquainted with my workmates, there is no problem mingling them and that is one of God’s blessings to me.

Except for the water supply shortage, all of us enjoyed our outing. We didn’t stayed in White Beach which was very crowded during that time because of the long weekend. We rented my friend mom’s beach-front house in Dulangan, 15- minute drive (tricycle) from Muelle Port. We also hired someone who helped us cook our food and the team enjoyed the dishes we prepared since the time they arrived. My office mates also appreciated the place because it was quiet and not crowded. We were only the ones enjoying the sea.

Since, my family and my friend went to the place one-day ahead, husband and daughter had more time to enjoy the sea. They only went to the sea water before eight in the morning and after four in the afternoon to avoid the heat of the sun. We had a hard time bringing my daughter out of the water because she don’t want to leave the beach even she’s already chilling. But she don’t also want to get out of her floater!

Anyway, as a whole, it was an enjoyable vacation. It was nice to be out of the chaotic metro once in a while. I will share some pictures later as soon as I get home.

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