Default Theme

Wondering why my site is in default theme? Well, this site is not alone. My other two sites are also in default WordPress theme. Thanks to my hackers who injected lines of malicious codes on my WordPress files which caused me to spend several hours  to clean the mess they left on my sites.  Hmm… Okay, I  must admit that…

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All About Work

Stressful Week

It has been a stressful week for me because of the sites which were hacked during the times that I was in the hospital. But I am so glad that finally, this site is now up in clean new installation of WordPress. My other two sites were also hacked and only the Rabago Family’s Escapades was successfully cleaned last night.…

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Blogging Life

Not A Good Welcome

This isn’t a good week for me. Not a good welcome week after giving birth to my second daughter. After a week of being away from my computer, I was welcomed by emails of my hostee that her sites’ dashboards were distorted. I tried to restore her sites but the problem kept on coming back. While trying to fix her…

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Blogging, Blogging Tools

Blog Make Over

Welcome to my new theme. It may not be a full blown blog make over but I am starting to love its neat appearance. Thanks to Headway Themes for making my new theme an easy task. Everything is easy with Headway Themes as base template. Even a non-WordPress techie can do the customizations. It likes serving the theme in silver…

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