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Wondering why my site is in default theme? Well, this site is not alone. My other two sites are also in default WordPress theme. Thanks to my hackers who injected lines of malicious codes on my WordPress files which caused me to spend several hours  to clean the mess they left on my sites.  Hmm… Okay, I  must admit that I probably also have some negligence on my part or one (or some?) of my clients is not cautious enough to let the hacker penetrate our server 🙁

Anyway, I was able to clean my sites. I re-installed a fresh copy of WordPress and deleted all the old installations. But of course I backup first all my uploads and re-uploaded on the new installations. Mind you that it is not an easy task. It was time-consuming. It was also very stressful on my part because I was beating a deadline. But thanks be to God who helped me fixed my sites just in time that I need to submit a post to an advertiser.

But I don’t have yet time to re-install my customized theme. I am still coping up with my  tasks for my day-time job. This default theme is good for now as long as all my contents are intact.

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2 thoughts on “Default Theme

  1. i think you mean me, ooohhh im so sorry :((
    I promise i’ll work on my site as soon as summer hits.
    ive been swamped with unexpected school work lately
    and I haven’t had the chance to start.

    by the way I think the hackers only targetted you since
    I don’t see anything different with my site.. maybe because
    its empty lol =)) ill change my pass asap.

    thanks mylene!
    by the way congratulations on the new baby!

    1. Hi Andy,

      Honestly, I am not referring to you as I am not also sure where the hacking started. But I am glad you are not affected.


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