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Not A Good Welcome

  • Sumo

This isn’t a good week for me. Not a good welcome week after giving birth to my second daughter. After a week of being away from my computer, I was welcomed by emails of my hostee that her sites’ dashboards were distorted. I tried to restore her sites but the problem kept on coming back. While trying to fix her sites, I didn’t realize that my sites were also infected by Malware 🙁 My sites were probably hacked on the 29th of February, while I was in the hospital. There are codes injected to my files and it was only today that I discovered that my sites were hacked.

Only one of my sites were now backed in normal, the Rabago Family’s Escapades but I already tried installing a clean copy of WordPress on the this site and on my main site, Online Mommy’s Corner, but both are still infected.

I’ll try my best to fix my sites tomorrow. I’ll pray that everything will be okay tomorrow.

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