Water Is Not Potable

  • Sumo

The water here in Panglao is not potable. It is salty that it might cause kidney problem if taken for long period of time. Even the water coming from the water stations here has a salty taste. So our drinking water still comes from Tagbilaran. Either we get a refill whenever we go there or we wait for the water delivery.

We bought our own water gallons for our own consumption. But we have a neighbor whom we allow to buy from us as long as we have an ample supply and there is man who will bring the water to their place. The gallon which holds 5 gallons of water is heavy when filled so it is needful that a man carries it. Drum trucks can be very helpful to transfer the gallons to another place but here in the Philippines, such equipment is not usually used.

Our water is more expensive compared to the water coming from local water stations. But I think it is fine as long as we are sure that we are drinking safe water.

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