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Tayong Dalawa Fever

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Tayong Dalawa is one of the Primetime Bida teleserye of ABS-CBN. This is the only TV program I watch regularly. How and when I started watching it, I can no longer remember. I just realized that this already part of my nightly routine, which is very unusual of me. I am a person who can live without TV because I am not really fond of watching TV shows. As a matter of fact, it was only early this year my husband and I bought a TV. For two years, we managed to live without a television.

Going back to “Tayong Dalawa,” there are several reasons why I got enticed with this teleserye. First is, its fast-phase development of events. This is unusual for a Filipino teleserye if I am not mistaken. I was not able to watch it from the start. But since I started watching it, there were so many events and twists happened that most viewers didn’t expect.

The first major event I remembered was the “death” of Dave or Lt. David Garcia Jr. Jake Cuenca, who played the role of Dave was out of scene for a week or so. My husband and I were speculating that the title was for Audrey and JR until it was shown on the commercial that Dave was still alive.

The second was when they discovered that Dave and JR were not half-brothers but real brothers and Marlyn is the true wife of David Garcia Sr. For me, this is the most draggy part that I almost quit watching the series.

The third was when Gretta, played by Alexandra de Rossi, accidentally shot JR. JR became critical and badly needed a kidney transplant which Dave took advantage to get Audrey back. When Audrey and Dave got married, many viewers, including me, were really disappointed. I was sure that there will be twist in the end. I was telling my husband that probably, Dave signed in behalf of JR since they have one name. My hope almost died until the time Dave wanted to bring Audrey in US and discovered that their marriage was not performed by a real judge and their marriage contract was not filed. Though my assumption was wrong, I am still right that there is a twistGIVE MEH SMILES hahaha…

Another memorable event was the death of Mamita played by the respectable Helen Gamboa. Because of her death, JR was imprisoned. The change in Gerald’s character suited him. He looked more masculine when he shaved his hair hehehe… But I felt really sad that Mamita’s role was so short.

Then, the death of Ramon Lecumberri and the revelation of Uñango’s identity. I was sure that time that Ramon was still alive although I was having a second thought that maybe Niko betrayed him to save himself. Niko’s role is now bigger than I thought he will be. I thought he will remain just a sidekick of Ramon. Recently, it was revealed that he was Uñango’s adopted son. His role as a loyal friend was replaced by a traitor.

This series is about to end this week, I thought. While it was being aired last night, the schedule of “Nag-iisang Ikaw” was being flashed. But I was wondering how can the station end this series in two more days based on the current scenes. Will this end abruptly just to end? I don’ think that will be a good decision. If it will end, the ending should be a good one so the viewers will not be disappointed.

Cheers to the viewers of “Tayong Dalawa” because it is not the one which will end this Friday. It is Only You that needs to say goodbye! But I don’t also want “Tayong Dalawa” to last long. I hope it will end on the time that it has to end, and I hope it will be soon so I can already stop watching TV again!


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  1. LOL.. thanks for the summary hehe.. I actually stopped watching it months ago, na-iisstress kasi ako. I plan to watch it pag tapos na sya para di ako mabitin. Happy watching =) addictive talaga yan

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